Art ClubEdit

  • Art club members are specialized to either draw the characters or to tell the users how there art is.

Chat ClubEdit

Chat club members are trusted users with chat mod rights that are supposed to warn,kick and ban users who break the rules.

Wikia ClubEdit

Wikia club members are Admins,Crats,or Mods that each have jobs to take care of the wiki.

  • Admin-Users who make sure that no rules aren't broken and users that follow the rules.
  • Crat-users who can manipulate uses rights shouldn't sabotage users rights and if a crat is asked for there powers to be removed remove them.
  • Mods-users who can revert vandalism and welcome new users.

Creative ClubEdit

Creative club members think of new custom Knights or they give ideas for the main story.

  • Fun Club-you have to be a member of the creative club to be a member of the fun club is for a group of users to add fun to the wiki.

Story ClubEdit

Story club members are users that create to main story line/plot for the Tenkai Knights Contest Of Champions.

Other ClubsEdit

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